Fastest Unwanted Car Removal in Melbourne

We understand that it can be a challenge to manage yard space with an unwanted carrusting in a corner. Often, car owners get a minimal amount for their valuable cars.At Local Auto Recycling, our emergency car removal service will help you get rid of your unwanted vehicle for a high return price. With industry experience, we understand that each car has significant value.

Our technicians will carefully examine your vehicle to determine the best offer as per your vehicle’s condition. We have an environmentally friendly approach towards old vehicles which helps reduce pollution and emission of greenhouse gases. Our auto recycling unit dismantles non-functional vehicles and salvages reusable parts. We also recycle scrap metal that would otherwise simply rot away.

unwanted car removal Melbourne
Emergency car removal Melbourne

Why Choose Us for Unwanted Car Removal in Melbourne?

We reduce your stress by offering:

  • Experienced professionals
  • Hassle-free pickups
  • High price for old vehicles
  • Efficient car removal
  • Top value for your unwanted cars
  • No extra charges
  • Free paperwork provided

Don’t pay extra charges for your car. At Local Auto Recycling, all you must do is prep your vehicle and we will handle the rest.

Emergency Car Removal Service in Melbourne

Do you want to get rid of a vehicle as soon as possible? Our emergency removal service will help you get rid of it in no time.Whether you require more storage space or need urgent money, our no-obligation and emergency quotes make the process of fast car removal an easy task. Local Auto Recycling offers emergency car removal services in Melbourne that are performed by providing you with a completely hassle-free experience.

Local Auto recycling offers emergency car removal services in Melbourne with all disposal measures, guidelines, and standards. We permit our clients in Melbourne to leverage the benefits of an effective unwanted car removal with a total profitable transaction, as compared to any other local car removal service. Our emergency unwanted car removal services are provided with 100 per cent customer satisfaction, as they are reasonable. We have evolved as the most sought-after emergency car removal service in Melbourne with our dedicated, dependable, and prompt services.

Our unwanted car removal process

Unnecessary expenses and long process discourages car owners from selling their unwanted car. At Local Auto Recycling, we are dedicated to reducing the hassle for our customers.We work in an environmentally sustainable manner. Our clients get the best price in exchange for their unwanted cars.

What Type of Vehicles Do We Buy?

  • Old and used
  • Functioning or non-functioning
  • Abandoned cars and more
  • Damaged
  • Any make and model
  • Registered and unregistered
  • Accident cars

We are fully certified to remove unwanted cars in Melbourne. You can get our free quote. Not only do we offer some of the highest prices for used cars, but also provide free expert examination and free pickup. Our team travels across Melbourne for emergency car removal.

We have a comprehensive process to deal with the vehicles which makes it easier for the customers.

Follow these 3 steps for unwanted car removal with Local Auto Recycling:


Our quotations are free. Our experts will visit you for a thorough analysis.

Team visit

Our technicians will be there at your location on the agreed upon day. They carefully examine the vehicle from every nook and corner to determine the highest price.

Final day

Once the deal is locked, our towers will pick up the vehicle and pay you the decided amount. Pickup and analysis service by Local Auto Recycling is free of cost. With experienced technicians by our side, we offer wide-ranging services. Local Auto Recycling operates in bustling cities as well as small suburbs.

Why Do You Need Unwanted Car Removal?

It is a good idea to safely dispose of your old vehicle. Here are some reasons to consider hiring an unwanted car removal service:

  • Instant cash
  • Environmentally friendly disposal
  • Reduced greenhouse gasses emissions
  • Hassle-free removal
  • Free analysis and pickup
  • High value for old vehicles

Don’t let an unused, rusting vehicle occupy space on your property. Local Auto Recycling is here to help you out. To book a quote, contact us on 04 4454 3467 or email us at