The Fastest and Easiest Old Car Removal in Melbourne

Enjoy hassle-free old car removal in Melbourne with Local Auto Recycling. Sell your old cars, trucks, and vansand get instant cash. No matter what condition your van is, you can get good value for your old car and save some money. If you are looking to clear your yard and wish to sell a worn-out automobile, then you’ve come to the right place. At Local Auto Recycling, our team will tow the vehicle and pick up old car for cash free of cost to our workshop for the purposes of reusing and recycling.

No matter the model or make, we will help you get the maximum price for old cars. Moreover, we pay for your vehicle instantly.

Want to know how much cash your old car would fetch you? Call us today and our experts will come over for analysis. Share the condition of your car and your requirements. We offer:

old car removal Melbourne
  • Fast quotes
  • Free pickups
  • Instant cash

Once you approve the price quote, our pickup team will take your vehicle from and pay cash for your car. We have been ethically purchasing and recycling old cars for a long period. Our team will always offer a reasonable price quote for your old car vehicle.

pick up old car for cash Melbourne

Why Do You Really Need an Old Car Removal?

We are one of the best old car removal service providers in Melbourne. Disposing your old car requires some research on prices being offered for vehicles in similar conditions. We ensure old vehicles are dismantled and disposed of, giving car owners a reasonable price. If you have an automobile rusting in your yard or garage call our expert today!

At Local Auto Recycling, we pick up your old cars for cash. This is a good option to save space in your yard as well as save the environment by greenhouse gas emission. The best thing about hiring an auto recycling service is that you get instant cash in exchange for your old car.

Our car examination specialist diagnoses your automobile. It can be any:

  • model
  • age
  • condition
  • Internal and external problems
  • Truck, car, van, bus…etc

We have the best price for you. Your old car is important to us. And we are prepared to purchase it anywhere in Melbourne.

Why Local Auto Recycling for Old car removal:

value money

Value money:

As the best auto recyclers in Melbourne, we offer the best value for your vehicle. Our team carefully diagnoses and analyses the condition of your car after which a reasonable price is determined.



We provide hassle-free pick up with no charges. Don’t worry about hauling your vehicle to our workshop. Our experts will assist you with removal.

Environmentally friendly disposal:

Our car removers help in disposing of old vehicles in an environmentally responsible manner. We ensure that cars are repurposed wherever possible.

Instant cash

Instant cash for cars:

Before towing away your vehicle, our automotive recycler handovers the agreed amount in cash.

Highest cash for your old car

Highest cash for your old car:

Our rapid old car removal service in Melbourne works to benefit our clients and the environment. No matter the condition of your car, we will help you get the maximum cash in exchange.