Damaged Cars For Sale In Melbourne

Wrecked cars are can be sold for quick top cash in Melbourne. But choosing the right dealer who can get you the most competitive prices for your unwanted damaged car is the priority. Local Auto Recycling is a one-stop-shop for all your damaged and wrecked cars for sale in Melbourne.

Most often, car owners are forced to either keep their cars in their garage which leads to high maintenance costs or are forced to get rid of their unused or damaged car. But there are a lot of related issues that can occur if you are not aware or careful. For instance, consider the insurance premiums you have to keep paying if you still hold on to your unused or damaged car. Secondly, consider the high maintenance costs like fuel top-ups, etc. Additionally, having to sell it off to another car user who is looking for a second-hand car may end up complaining about faulty conditions of your wrecker car later on. Irrespective of the type of the car, be it SUV, 4wd, truck, van, or any other vehicle, Local Auto Recycling has it all covered for you. We handle all sorts and types of wrecked and damaged cars in Melbourne and ensure to pay you the top cash that is competitively-priced in the whole of the Melbourne suburb.


Wrecked Cars For Sale Services In Melbourne

If you are aware of the harm that wrecked and damaged cars cause while lying around in your garage space or garden area, both to you and your environment, you will decide to get rid of it immediately. Poisonous gases are emitted out of these wrecked and damaged cars that pose harm if proper actions are not taken. Local Auto Recycling ensures safe and a hazard-free environmentally-friendly approach to buying your damaged car paying you top dollars, as compared to any local mechanic shop in Melbourne.

Local Auto Recycling is known for the finest and most reliable auto recycling shop for our one-of-a-kind solutions provided for ‘instant cash for damaged cars near me’ requirements, wherever you are located in Melbourne.

Who Buys Wrecked Cars Near Me?

Local Auto Recycling ensures the use of lesser energy than manufacturing new steel. This will help in protecting natural resources for longer periods of time. As industry leaders in the field of providing top cash for your car and car parts recycling in Melbourne, we are bound to protect the environment from pollution caused by the production of new steel which requires burning huge volumes of coal that leads to the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Local Auto Recycling thus provides an environmental-friendly approach to car recycling that requires much fewer fuel consumption and hence has a lesser environmental impact.

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Local Auto Recycling has been the leading provider of ‘wrecked cars for sale’ in Melbourne for many years now. We ensure top cash paid off to you quickly soon after our experts evaluate your wrecked car. Call us on 0444 543 467 or mail us at localautorecycling@gmail.com to talk to our specialist auto recycling experts and to bag your free quote right away!



I had a car picked up and the driver Wais was extremely respectful, polite and friendly. He met my asking price and both left with a smile.


Amazing service! Quick and easy! Received a really good price and wais the driver was very helpful!


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